MJ Nelson • Rockola

Double Cross Productions DCP001
33-RPM 180g LP


A native of the UK, MJ Nelson has been in and around the music scene since the early 1960’s; Rockola is the first of his contemporary records to be made available on vinyl. Consisting of ten tracks (including the instrumental Rock Tango, the music is upbeat and is—to me at least—sometimes a bit reminiscent of the 1950’s, with a modern twist. Although not an audiophile spectacular, the sound quality is pretty good. The spectre of over-compression does not rear its ugly head! The record is flat and its surfaces dead quiet.

At Vinylphile we like to support independent artists, so give this one a try: I think you’ll like it. I do! (You can discover more of MJ’s music at his web site, www.mjnelsonmusic.com.)