Stolen Silver • We Have Everything/We Have Nothing

Independent 616892215646
33-RPM 180g LP

We Have Everything

One of the benefits of reviewing records is the chance to hear great music from artists I’ve never heard of, especially independents. A case in point is this album from Stolen Silver, a Chicago-based band fronted by Dan Myers and Levi Britton: what a refreshingly enjoyable record to listen to this is!

The record, which has an overall rock/folksy feel, opens with the breezy Awake and Alive (a tune that has a sound (especially in the vocals) that to me is vaguely reminiscent of Coldplay), and continues with upbeat numbers such as A River Only Borrows and Blue.

Side two starts with I Stay Lonely, a sad number about the heartache one feels after a failed relationship, but the tone picks up with the next track, Learn to Fly.

Mixed and mastered by John Ovnik (who also plays bass), the sound quality is pretty good, with little evidence of the over compression that plagues many commercial records these days.

I could go on, but I’ll cut this short by saying that We Have Everything/We Have Nothing is enthusiastically recommended, so grab your copy of this limited edition vinyl release (which also includes a download code for an MP3 copy of the album; bit of a shame it doesn’t include a physical CD, but I understand why) before they’re all gone! In the meantime, check out Stolen Silver’s web site,